3 Steps to Using a Clay Mask

I have 3 steps to using a clay mask to share with you because I know how great clay masks are for all skin types, especially for oily and combination skin. Clays come in many colors due to the minerals they contain. Clays add minerals, moisturize the skin and promote circulation. These are great reasons to use a clay mask but many people are doing it all wrong! Including myself.

The fun part of using a clay mask is that you rub in on your face, take a fun Instagram photo (check out mine here) and then read a book or enjoy a glass of wine while it dries up and you can flake it off….right? Wrong! For years this was my method to, so don’t feel bad at all. That is why I want to break down 3 steps to using a clay mask.

  1. Damp Phase: This is where the skin drinks in all the moisture and those amazing minerals in the clay. Mix the clay with warm water and apply to a clean face. Using the warm water will soften your pores and prep your skin to better absorb those minerals.
  2. Initializing Dry Phase: The mask is starting to dry here and the capillaries are working, blow flow is stimulated. You will notice some spots are starting to dry but most of the mask is still “moist”.
  3. Dry Phase: Now the mask is drying your skin, the mask is tightening and causing skin irritation. This is where the mask can flake off. You never want to keep your clay mask on for step 3.

When you are using a clay mask properly you want to wash it off with warm water just after Step 2. Splash warm water on your face and gently massage in small circles until the clay is completely gone. Pat your face dry with a clean towel. Viola!

Tid Bits:

*Choose a mask that fits the needs of your skin. Different clay mask are for acne prone skin, oily, combination, dry, anti-aging…keep this in mind when choosing one for yourself.

*Use clay masks 1-3 times a week, depending again on your skin type. For sensitive skin, once a week is best and for oily skin you may want to use 2-3 times a week.

Check out my Lavender Clay Mask, it is great for oily and combination skin (you can order it from IG or email me – it is not yet up on my website it is so new)!  It has raspberry seed powder and dead sea salt as an extra exfoliant. 🙂 I hope these 3 steps to using a clay mask  helped you and let me know if you have any more questions.

Enjoy fresh and glowing skin this summer! xo